Report compares glass, analog panel safety

 Report compares glass, analog panel safety

The report came to the conclusion that glass is no safer than steam and might even be more dangerous.

I wonder how much of the higher accident rate should be attributed to the glass panel itself and how much to poor training? I feel that we get a lot of training about how to fly when the glass fails but not much about best ways to fly with the glass. It’s time to accept that TAA are different and start training pilots how to fully utilize all that information.

I also believe that too many CFIs are not aware of all the ins-and-out of the glass panels they train in. How can they teach what they don’t know themselves? This is true of the glass panel itself, the autopilot and extra boxes included like weather and traffic. I understand that it is hard for instructors to be experts on every airplane they fly but – they really need to be.

  • Gary says:

    I find all the glass panel some what distracting at times. Back to the age old current vs proficient.

    I shot approaches the other night and had to knock off some rust in order to get back to my chug and plug, without thinking mode, just on my garmin 530.

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