New Wish List Item

Garmin has just announced two new portable aviation GPS units. They are the GPSMAP 695 and 696. The Garmin press release can be read at

These new units are significantly different from previous Garmin portables. These are tablet computer style devices with a 7″ screen. The two units are essentially the same except that the 696 includes XM weather and radio while the 695 does not. Both look like very capable divices. The 696 will replace the 496 at the top of my aviation toys wish list.

9:30 AM – I added an Aero News TV video of the new Garmins.

  • Anonymous says:

    Very nice, but not IFR certified (right?). If only it were — looks to be just as capable minus the radios as the Garmin 430 and up.

  • Tom says:

    No, it isn’t certified. I don’t think any portable will be any time soon.


  • Gary says:

    It looks great, now if the flight path overlays on the approach plates.

  • Tom says:


    I’m pretty sure there is no track data on the approach plates. Maybe a future software upgrade? Or maybe it is an intentional omission since portable GPS units can’t be used for IFR.


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