Lessons 98 and 99 – Double Header

I flew two lessons today. At 10 AM I went out solo to go over all the maneuvers on my own. I went through the whole routine of slow flight, power off stalls and steep turns up high then dropped down to 1700 feet for S-turns, turns around a point and rectangular patterns. I had some time left so I climbed back up for another quick run through of the high level stuff.

After lunch, I went back to the airport and found a corner where I could do some studying for the oral exam. I feel pretty confident about that part of the practical test but, more review can’t hurt.

At 2PM I flew my second lesson of the day, a dual session with Sandy. We went to Westosha for some short and soft field landing practice. I saw some real improvement on those and would say they are almost good. The examiner I will be flying with happened to be in the pattern giving a checkride. So, I got to see a little of how he works.

On the way back home, Sandy put me through the high level work and some unusual attitudes. That went OK except, while I had my eyes closed while she set up the last attitude, she changed the heading indicator. After I recovered, she told me to head back to Waukegan. I saw right away the my DG didn’t match what I was seeing on the ground but, it took me longer than it should have to figure out just what was wrong. Fortunately, I followed my land marks and not the instruments. That earned me a complement

  • rusty wrycza says:

    I’m student status as well,,
    check this out – using my Garmin Edge 305 GPS from my BICYCLE to ‘log’ some of my CFI’ed flights
    zoom out / pan – some lazy 8’s –
    a few not-so-coordinated turns in the wind, etc.


    how soon will you take the check ride?

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