Lesson 32 – More Landings at KENW

We made the short hop to Kenosha again yesterday. I am getting familiar with entering the pattern there so that I can fly up on my own soon. My first solo is very close with solo to KENW close behind. The tower gave us runway 24L this time so the entry was to the left downwind. I had the runway in sight even before I called so the entry was fairly easy. It always amazes me that the runways at Kenosha are so much easier to see from a distance than the ones at Waukegan are.

We did four landings, a low approach and a simulated power failure on downwind followed by a go around. The landings were OK but still a little off the centerline. The go arounds were fine. My main fear is that I will let the nose pop up into a stall when I add full power with the flaps down. I controlled it well though and feel much more confident about going around now.