Lesson 106 – Burlington Again

After a week long layoff for nasty weather, we went back to Burlington yesterday for some more crosswinds and to try the grass again. I had the hood on for the trip there and, that went fine. We did one simulated engine out after I took the hood off and we both agreed I would have made my field.

At BUU, the crosswind landings were good, short field was OK but, the soft field landings were still too “firm” to be called soft. We will have to do another dual session to concentrate on those.

On the way home, Sandy put me in a couple unusual attitudes. My recoveries were good, I have never had any trouble with those. Then one more decent short field, crosswind landing back at Waukegan.

  • exgravelcruncher says:

    Tom, Don’t wait too long to get back into the saddle. Do that checkride again. If you have to find another DE then find another DE.

  • Tom says:

    Yes, I don’t want to wait too long. I have the re-test scheduled for a couple weeks from now. It is my job that is holding me up at the moment.

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