Lesson 103 – Preparing for the Re-test

I had a short dual session with Sandy yesterday to work on landings in preparation for my re-test. We went to Galt, where we had a pretty direct crosswind. It wasn’t nearly as windy as it was during the checkride, but there was probably a 7 or 8 knot cross wind component.

I was under the hood all the way there and back. No problem with that. I would like to be a little smoother on the controls under the hood but, it was certainly passable.

At Galt, I did two pretty good normal crosswind landings, a go around, and a crosswind short field. As Sandy said, if I had done the same thing during the checkride, I would have passed. Sandy did the landing back at Waukegan. She kept me under the hood until we were on final. By the time I got it off, we were so close to touchdown that we didn’t want to attempt an exchange of control.

We will do another dual flight on Sunday and then re-evaluate. Hopefully, I can do the retest soon after that.

  • Shawn says:

    Tom, Just keep working on the skills and you’ll get there. You’ve already proven you can do it. Even pilots with a bunch of hours can use more practice. The key to remember is that you ARE a pilot now. The only difference is a signature. So, keep flying like a PIC (the Pilot IN CONTROL) and you’ll nail the next one!

    Good Luck!
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