Jetrecord Online Logbook

Thanks to Todd over at for posting a review of the new online logbook service called Jetrecord. I was able to create a new account and import my LogShare records within just a few minutes. In addition to Logshare, you can import from other online and computer based logbooks as well as entering flights manually. For now, I will maintain both online logs – you can’t have too many backups.

Jetrecord has some nice features like integration with Flickr, Twitter and Google Maps that look very interesting. I will be exploring ways to make good use of those features to share my flights with friends and family. For now, I have added a widget to track my hours to this blog. I will be watching the web site and the Jetrecord Blog for new features and tips.

You can open your own free account at

  • Harry says:

    Thanks for the review, Tom! As you start using the service more, please make note of the things you like or dislike and be as vocal as you like about it.

    Cheers, Harry

  • Todd - says:

    Tom – Glad to hear you are up on Jetrecord as well!

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