It’s Official!

The couple of you actually reading these posts probably realize that I have been deceiving you. The top banner says this is “the rambling journal of a middle-aged student pilot” but, that wasn’t technically true – at least until today. This afternoon I passed my third class medical so, now I can honestly say that I am a student pilot.

After several weeks of research, doctor visits and testing, the actual exam was pretty anticlimactic. I had my regular doctor’s report in hand and that probably is what made this visit so easy. The AME told me that having all the tests done ahead of time was defenitly a good idea. I suspect that the exam would have been more complete if he hadn’t had a detailed report of a recent physical to review. As it was, I didn’t spend more than 5 minutes with him. Pee in the cup, eye test, touch my finger to my nose, walk a straight line, follow his finger with my eyes and that was about it. Well, except for my blood pressure.

Hypertension was the whole reason that I had gone through the blood tests, EKG and doctor visits. Even though my blood pressure has been under good control, it was high when the nurse first took it today. The doctor wasn’t concerned. He just had me sit quietly for a few minutes then took it again. The second time it was within limits. I know that my BP always goes up when I go to the doctor and this one confirmed that he sees the problem all the time. But, it all worked out in the end and I how have a student pilot certificate in my possession.

Next up is lesson number one scheduled for 10 AM Wednesday. Stay tuned for a report of how it goes.

  • Oblivion says:

    Congrats! I know I was a little nervous about my BP. I’m glad you deftly navigated the AME’s office!

    Now get in the air, Student Pilot!

  • Tom says:

    Oblivion is right – enough goofing off. See the next post for lesson number one. I really did fly an airplane today!

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