Ground School and Tower Visit

My last lesson for January turned out to be a ground session – of course.  A low ceiling and rain get the blame today.  We did a tower visit and an hour of ground school.  I have gotten in a whopping 4.4 hours for December and January combined.  I hope February will be a lot better.  My first training goal is to get Stage 1 completed by mid March.  To make that happen, I am going to have to do a lot more flying in the next six weeks than in the last six.

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Dave says January 30, 2006

Frustration with the weather is part of the game. Having solid, defined objectives is great but remember to enjoy the journey, not just the destination. Phase 1 will happen, solo will happen, it will all happen, but maybe just not to your plan. Learn how to enjoy the delays as well as the progress.

Oshawapilot says January 31, 2006

I feel your pain – I felt the same way at points in my own training last winter, and comparatively, last winter was a joyride compared to the disaster this one has turned out to be.

At least as far as flying is concerned..temperature wise, it’s been a huge improvement. 🙂

Oblivion says February 16, 2006

Great idea to take advantage of the downtime and do the tower tour. I did one at UGN over a year ago, I think. Great folks over there. They’d have let me hang out all day if I didn’t have to go to work.

I think every pilot should check the view from the cab once or twice.

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