Georgia Health Update

It has been a little over four months since Georgia stopped taking Reglan. She has been much better lately – walking without support and only minimal tremors. Two weeks ago she had another office visit with her neurologist who was amazed at how much she has improved. At the time, the doctor cut her Parkinson’s medication in half. Georgia continued to do fine on the reduced dose so, late last week, the doctor told her to stop taking it all together. So far, she is still doing fine without the meds. The doctor’s original opinion that Georgia suffered from drug induced Parkinsonism caused by the Reglan seems to be confirmed.

Georgia still has a little tremor that is not noticeable if you aren’t looking for it and still has trouble with mental calculations involving numbers. The doctor has ordered a full neurological evaluation for next week. That should help determine whether or not she has permanent damage. Whatever the outcome, any lingering problems seem to be very slight and shouldn’t hold her back.

Georgia and I are now doing things together again and getting her out of the house more. Activities like going to the grocery or out to dinner might not seem like much but she couldn’t participate in them at all for several months. To us, they are major accomplishments. On Sunday we saw a play at the local theater and went out to dinner with friends afterward. She managed the theater and the restaurant without her wheelchair or even a walker. Her endurance is still low so it was an effort but she did it.

Up to now we have been staying close to home just in case we had to make a quick trip to the doctor. However, since everything is going so well, we are planning our first out of town getaway for this coming weekend. It’s only an overnighter by car but it is another step toward getting back to our old lifestyle. I expect more distant travel is in our near future.

  • Gary says:

    So glad to hear Georgia is feeling better! Mary and I hope jher progress continues and you both get back to all the fun travels!

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