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Country Bumbkin Pumpkinfest

​We have taken Max to Pumpkin Fest a​t Country Bumpkin every year since he was one. So, of course we had to go again this year. We went on Sunday so his Mom and Dad could come up for the afternoon too.

He always has a good time ​with the bounce houses, the hay maze, the petting zoo and the rest. He runs from one thing to the next and back again!

Graceful Exit

​Feeding the animals is always fun. Those tongues tickle his hands. He was especially fascinated by th​is Unigoat!


​I don't know how long Pumpkin Fest will still be interesting for Max. I hope it will be a few more y​ears at least. He really enjoyed it again this time.

Went to the Animal Fair

​Last Sunday Georgia, Max and I went to the Lake County Fair for the afternoon. The weather was almost perfect and we had a great time.

On the way there, we asked Max what he wanted to do most.

He said; "See the animals!"

​Seeing animals is exactly what we spent most of our time doing and he loved it!

After grabbing a carnival food lunch, we watched ​some pig races. Those little guys are fast!

​Our next stop was inside the main exhibit hall where local businesses and organizations had booths. There was also a talent show going on it one section of the hall. Max liked the police and sheriff department displays. He is now a Junior Deputy Sheriff! 

Milk Straight From The Source

Right outside the back door of the exhibit hall were the livestock barns so we went there next. We saw goats, poultry, sheep and rabbits as well as dairy and beef cattle.

​The animals are what sets a fair apart from just a carnival. It is educational too. Now Max knows where milk comes from before it gets to the store.

​Next stop was the midway where Max declined the rides in favor of playing ​ the games. He won a ​​few prizes for Grandma and Grandpa to carry.

Milk Straight From The Source

​The petting zoo was next. They had a pretty large group of animals and Max was determined to pet every one of them. I think he achieved his goal. He really does love animals!

​He decided this donkey needed help with his hay so he fed him some from his hands. It looked like the donkey enjoyed the attention.

​We got back to the parking lot just as a little rain started to fall from the only dark cloud on an otherwise blue sky day. Just the right time for us to leave the fairgrounds.

Festival Season Is Here!

Wauconda Fest

​The summer festival season is getting into full swing here in Chicagoland. We started it off with Wauconda Fest this past weekend.

​Max and his Mom met us there for a great afternoon of fun and games. The weather was just about perfect and the food wasn't bad either!

Carnival Ride

​​Max rode a few rides and went through the fun house three times but, his favorite thing to do is play the games. He won a couple stuffed toys and, best of all, a MineCraft sword!

I'm sure this wont be the last festival we go to this summer but it was a great way to kick off the season.

MineCraft Sword
Off Road Driver

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