I am always on the lookout for good aviation web sites and I just turned up an outstanding one.

AviaFilms Production is an aviation cockpit video making company that goes beyond the standard cockpit video. Would you like to see what a 737 captain sees during takeoff or get the view from an L-39 Albatross flying low over the Colorado river? This is the site to visit. These are some truly spectacular videos from single engine GA aircraft to the A380.

In addition to the videos, the site also includes photos and a growing collection of aircraft articles. I particularly like the collection of panel photos. Give the AviaFilms web site a look, it is well worth the visit. All the content is free to view. As with any site, be sure to contact them before using it for other purposes.

  • Todd - MyFlightBlog.com says:

    Thanks for sharing AviaFilms. Great quality videos. I especially liked the L-39 video as I am scheduled to take a flight in March in one. This was a great preview!

  • Tom says:

    They are some great videos arn’t they Todd. I envy you your upcoming L-39 flight. Is it with Gauntlet Warbirds?


  • Harrison says:

    Thanks for the tip on AVIAFILMS. Fly safe and have fun.

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