A Short Road Trip

Georgia is on the planning committee for her 40th high school reunion. She was going to Grand Rapids, MI for a committee meeting on Saturday so, I tagged along. We left about 7PM Friday (after yet another round of thunderstorms), drove half way that night and finished the drive Saturday morning. Georgia got her meeting in and we spent the rest of the time visiting with family and friends.

One of my brother-in-laws will be visiting Lebanon for two months this summer so, we stopped in to see him before he leaves next week. He was born in Beirut and this will be his first trip back since he was a teenager.

Driving back to Chicago on Sunday, we went through still more storms. Most of this week looks like it will be dry though. If that forecast hold, it will be a nice change. It has been a long time since we had more than a couple days in a row without thunderstorms.

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