Weekend Road Trip

Georgia and I decided Friday night that we would make a spur of the moment trip to the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana to do some genealogy research. We got on the road about 6:30 Saturday morning and arrived at the library just before noon. We lost an hour for the time zone change so it was actually just a four and a half hour trip.

We spent a productive afternoon in the family history book section. Georgia wanted to look at a particular book about her ancestors, which was the main reason for the trip, but I found some new information to add to my tree too. The ACPL has the second largest genealogy department in the country, after the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, so we try to get there every year. It always pays off for us.

We left the library at closing time and checked into the Hilton just down the street. The desk clerk recommended a couple nearby restaurants for dinner and we chose to get pizza at Toscani. Try it if you are in Fort Wayne. It was very good.

Our drive back on Sunday was no problem, until we got to Chicago. The Air & Water Show was on but I thought we had timed it right to get through without much traffic. We almost did but, just as we neared the loop, it started raining hard. Traffic slowed to a crawl and, to make it worse, people decided to leave the airshow because of the weather. It ended up taking us a good hour to go the next 10 miles or so. But, we made it home safely so the trip was a success all around.

I haven’t had any time for flying lately. My work load at my job has been heavy. I was scheduled for today but there is a good chance of thunderstorms this afternoon so I rescheduled for Thursday. Hopefully that will work out.