Proposed FAA Drone Remote ID Rules

Mavic Air

​The FAA has issued a Notice Of Proposed Rule Making for UAS Remote ID. The rules they are proposing will effect every drone pilot when it goes into effect in 3.5 to 4 years (3 years after adoption). 

​These rules were obviously tailored to commercial drone services like package delivery, power line and pipeline inspection and other uses my companies. 

Important details that will make it harder for hobbyists to fly include the need to be connected to the Internet anytime the drone is in flight. ​Information about the location and identification of the drone will be available to the public making it easy for the drone haters out there to harass pilots. Drones will have to be equipped with remote ID hardware that will increase the cost of the aircraft. Also, we will have to subscribe to third party services t​hat will provide the tracking of our drones. How much those services will cost has not been determined.

​There will be sever restrictions on drones that are not equipped with remote ID including limited them to FAA approved flying fields and maximum flight of 400 feet laterally from the pilot.

There are a lot more provisions in this 300+ page proposal. The most complete explanation I have seen so far is in the video below.

​All drone pilots should become aware of the proposed rules and, if you can, comment during the 60 day public comment period.