Lesson 29 – Same Thing, Different Day and Place

Instead of practicing landings on runway 14 at Waukegan, we made the short hop to Kenosha to practice landings on runway 14 there. Last time we went to KENW, we flew out to the northwest and then back east to allow me time to get oriented and make all the proper radio calls. When I start making this trip solo, that is how I will be flying. This time though, we flew straight north. Sandy handled the radio, asked for a frequency change right after we turned on course, and contacted Kenosha tower while we were still in Waukegan’s airspace. It’s a quicker way to make the transition so, we were in the Kenosha pattern in less than 10 minutes.

Once there, I did three full stop landings followed by two touch and go’s. I did a pretty good job of staying on the centerline and my flares were smoother too. I was happy with how this lesson went. Sunday will be more of the same.