Lesson 24 – More Landings at C02

It was hot on Sunday! The temperature was about 90 when we took off and the sun shining through the windows of the Skyhawk made it even hotter inside. Opening the windows became an essential part of our after landing routine.

I did a couple power off stalls and three steep turns before we started working on landings at Grand Geneva. I was just a little uncoordinated on the first stall and the airplane rolled to the left. I caught it with right rudder before the roll got excessive. I did better on the second stall so it was straight ahead. The steep turns were only fair. I lost altitude on all of them. I have to keep practicing the maneuvers to avoid getting too rusty.

I did one low approach, one go around and two landings at Grand Geneva. The wind was gusty, as it always seems to be for me, so I had to fight it on every approach.

I wasn’t very happy with my performance during this lesson but during the debriefing my CFI said, considering the conditions, the flight went fine. I am going to try a morning session on Thursday. Hopefully, the winds won’t be as gusty as they have been during my afternoon sessions.