A Weekend at the Airport

On Saturday, Georgia and I flew to Janesville for lunch at Kealy’s.  This is the first time Georgia has flown with me since her foot surgeries and, as she pointed out, the first time we have flown together on a hot summer day.  The near 90 degree temperature and light but gusty winds made this ride her bumpiest so far.  She handled it fine though.  Lunch was good and it was a nice weekend trip.

Sunday was the summer picnic and spot landing contest at Stick & Rudder.  I opted out of the landing event but we got there in time to watch most of it.  The contest was divided into categories for student, private and commercial pilots.  The overall winner, beating out both the private and commercial pilots, was one of the club students who touched down just 10 feet from the line.

After the contest, the ramp was closed for the rest of the day so members and guests could enjoy the food and music. Lunch included a pig roast, brats, hot dogs, hamburgers and plenty of side dishes thanks to a members pot luck.  The weather was perfect, the food was great and everyone seemed to have a good time.  This is the sort of event that makes a flying club more than just a collection of airplanes.