A Mini Vacation

Illinois Beach State Park Hotel

​We spent a great couple days at Illinois Beach State Park ​Hotel as a kind of mini-vacation. Located right on the shore of Lake Michigan, the hotel is a convenient, nearby getaway for us.

The weather was good - just a little warm - and the accommodations were excellent. We had a lake view room for the three of us.

We ate dinner at the hotel restaurant the first night. The food was good but the service was pretty slow. There was a wedding reception going on and it seemed there wasn't enough staff to serve the restaurant and the reception. That wasn't a problem for the rest of our stay though. Breakfast and lunch were very good. They make a ​great pizza that we enjoyed in our room the second night!

Illinois Beach State Park

​We spent our time on the beach, fishing at one of the park ponds and playing in the hotel pool.

It was a relaxing two days. We will have to do it again!


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