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We Got a New Vehicle
​So...After 20+ years of driving Jeeps and trucks, we went an entirely different way this time. We Just Bought a[...]
Festival Season Is Here!
​The summer festival season is getting into full swing here in Chicagoland. We started it off with Wauconda Fest this[...]
Genealogy Detective Work
Researching your family tree requires you to be a bit of a detective. Sometimes the branch you are following is[...]
Happy New Year 2018
​Happy New Year 2018! ​Shortly after we were married, Georgia and I took our daughters on our first overseas trip.[...]
Merry Christmas 2017
​We wish you all a very Merry Christmas!Tom and Georgia
James Edward Moore – September 9, 1952 – November 2, 2017
​This last weekend, Georgia and I traveled to Milwaukee to attend a moving memorial service for my cousin Jim Moore.[...]
A Long, Warm Fall Weekend
It has been very summer like well into October here in the Chicago area. We took advantage of the weather[...]
Added My Genealogy Posts to Winging It
I mentioned in the last post that I would be getting rid of my other web sites. My on;y problem[...]

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​I am a 65+ year old, living in Northern, Illinois. The Winging It blog started out as a way to document my private pilot flight training. That training ended​ when I got my private pilot license. Since then, the blog evolved into an account of my experiences and minor adventures as I learn how to make the most of getting older. As Jimmy Buffett said; "I'm growing older but not up."

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