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Aviation Library – iPad Style

When I was a student pilot, I carried two flight bags to each lesson. One held my headset, flashlights, E6B, plotter, charts, etc. All the stuff I needed for flight planning and flying. The second bag held my books. I carried all the standards like the Airplane Flying Handbook, Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge, FAR/AIM, […]

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Max Trescott’s “GPS and WAAS Instrument Flying Handbook”

I just finished reading Max Trescott’s “GPS and WAAS Instrument Flying Handbook” and I am very impressed. Mr. Trescott has a whole new way of looking at the modern cockpit and of how to use the tools we have available now. No more of the “GPS is handy and all but I don’t y trust […]

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Instrument Lesson 3 – Working Hard

Yesterday’s lesson included several new tasks. I was pushed well beyond my, admittedly still pretty low, workload limit during this one. It was hard work but a very good lesson. As before, I filed IFR to the Kenosha airport, did the preflight – including a VOR check, got the ATIS and our clearance and taxied […]

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Instrument Procedure Trainer 7

I ordered a copy of the ASA Instrument Procedure Trainer 7 a few days ago and received it yesterday. The package includes the simulator software and the Pilot’s Manual Volume 3: Instrument Flying. I don’t have enough experience with it to give a detailed review yet but, I can say the installation was very easy […]

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Instrument Lesson 2 – More Attitude

It was 90 degrees when I got to the club today. Pete was with another student when I arrived so he told me to file IFR to Kenosha while I waited for him. I filled out the form, called 1-800-WX-BRIEF and filed. Pete finished up with his previous student and we went over our plan […]

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First Instrument Rating Lesson – Finally

I have a couple flight training tasks that I started but have left hanging lately. I need about 12 more hours of PIC time in a Skyhawk or equivalent to qualify for club insurance on the C172RG. I also wanted to build some cross country time to be closer to the required 50 hours before […]

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Between work, low ceilings and now the extreme cold, there has been no flying for me lately. Just checking in to let you know I am still here. I’m doing some studying every day and otherwise just riding out the middle of winter. I hope there will be some flying reports coming soon. Until then, […]

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Good Winter Reading

This is the perfect time of year to settle into your easy chair with a good aviation book. Two of my favorites are Rod Machado’s Private Pilot Handbook and Instrument Pilot’s Handbook. If you are working on either rating, I don’t think you will find better guides. I used the private pilot manual all through […]

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Not Using the New Certificate

I haven’t had a chance to fly since getting my private pilot certificate. I am trying to take my wife up as my first real passenger but, between aircraft maintenance, crummy weather and the Thanksgiving holiday, we just haven’t been able to get a flight in. We will keep trying though. I started studying for […]

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