Not Flying But Thinking About It

I hope you are all getting some flying in. As for me, I haven’t been airborne since December 6th. I was at work on the very few nice weather days we had recently. For the most part, we have had snow, fog and/or low ceilings just about every day. As an example, here is the current METAR for Waukegan:

KUGN 061452Z 18012KT 1/2SM FG OVC001 09/09 A2975 RMK AO2 SLP078 T00940094 56009

I have been studying for the instrument written and reading about flying though. I am catching up on some magazines and books I have on hand. There is a lot to learn about aviation after the primary training is over.

I made visits to a couple other area flying clubs over the last two weekends. In the future, I will probably want to add another club membership to increase the number of airplanes available to me. For now though, Skill still has a lot that I haven’t taken advantage of. I want to get checked out in the C150 and the DA-20 before spring. Just waiting on the weather.

  • elay says:

    wow..good luck on your really are doing your studying in there..

    i’d sure like to read updates on the check..good luck on that as well..

  • CptBeluga says:

    The weather Gods hate me..
    Hi. I’m a student pilot with only a few hours in my book. I started back in Nov 2006 and most of my scheduled lessons have been cancelled due to 22015G35KT days…
    The “normal” flying day for me has been 10kt wind and low clouds. But TODAY I got a session in with 11 landings. Amazing what you can get done with no wind. Good luck with your IFR stuff.

  • Tom says:

    Welcome elay and cptbeluga. Thank you for your comments. I hope you will both stop back often. Hang in there cptbeluga. The weather will get better. Elay, I really like your photography.

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